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Jewelry Appraisal

Forever Diamonds is a company that specializes in jewelry appraisals. We have a team of experienced gemologists who assess the value, quality, and authenticity of jewelry pieces. Our appraisals are recognized by insurance companies and are often required to insure high-value jewelry.

Forever Diamonds offers two types of appraisals: insurance appraisals and estate appraisals. Insurance appraisals determine the replacement value of a piece of jewelry in case it gets lost, stolen, or damaged. Estate appraisals determine the fair market value of a piece of jewelry when it is being sold or distributed.

The appraisal process includes a thorough examination of the jewelry, including checking the weight, size, and clarity of the gemstones, the condition of the metal, and the craftsmanship of the piece. We also consider factors such as the designer, brand, and historical significance of the jewelry.

We provide a detailed report of our findings, including high-quality photographs, descriptions, and appraised values. These reports can be used for insurance purposes, estate planning, and legal situations. 


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Jewelry appraisals are the process of evaluating a piece of jewelry to determine its value. There are different types of jewelry appraisals, and each type serves a specific purpose. The three primary types of jewelry appraisals are insurance appraisals, estate appraisals, and resale appraisals.

Insurance appraisals are the most common type of jewelry appraisal. They are used to assess the value of a piece of jewelry for insurance purposes. The appraisal takes into consideration the current market value, the rarity of the piece, and the quality of the gemstones and metals used. The appraisal report provided to the insurance company is an essential document in case of loss or damage to the jewelry.

Estate appraisals are conducted when an individual passes away or when the jewelry is being distributed among heirs. Estate appraisals are typically used to determine the fair market value of the jewelry. In some cases, the appraisal may be used to distribute the jewelry fairly among heirs.

Resale appraisals are commonly used by individuals who want to sell their jewelry. Resale appraisals take into consideration the current market demand, condition of the item, and the need for repairs or restoration.

Each type of jewelry appraisal has its own purpose and focus. Insurance appraisals determine the value of jewelry for insurance purposes, estate appraisals determine the fair market value of jewelry for distribution to heirs, and resale appraisals determine the value of jewelry for resale purposes. When having jewelry appraised, it’s essential to understand what the appraisal report will be used for and to choose an appraiser who specializes in that particular type of appraisal.

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