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Jewelry Resize

Forever Diamonds is a reputable jewelry store that specializes in high-quality diamond rings. One of the services they offer is ring resizing. This process allows the ring to fit the wearer’s finger more comfortably and securely. At Forever Diamonds, the resizing process is carefully executed by skilled professionals who take every precaution to maintain the integrity of the ring. We also offer a range of styles and finishes to add a unique touch to the resized ring. With our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, Forever Diamonds is a great choice for anyone looking to have your ring resized.


Our customers receive a lifetime of free jewelry cleaning on any diamond jewelry purchase and a limited lifetime warranty. Exclusions Apply.
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A ring can usually be resized up to one or two sizes larger or smaller, but the amount of resizing possible can vary depending on the materials of the ring, the design, and the jeweler’s techniques. Resizing a ring too much can affect the integrity and durability of the ring, so it is best to consult with a professional jeweler to determine the safe and feasible amount of resizing for your ring. It is also important to note that some rings, such as those with intricate designs or large stones, may be more difficult and expensive to resize.

Can any material be resized?

Most rings made of metal can be resized, such as gold, silver, platinum, and stainless steel. The process of resizing a ring involves either stretching the band or cutting it and adding or removing metal to adjust the size. The ability to resize a ring will depend on the specific design and structure of the ring. For example, rings with intricate settings or gemstones may not be easily resizable. Additionally, rings made from materials other than metal, such as ceramic or tungsten carbide, may not be resizable due to their hardness and brittleness. It is important to consult with a professional jeweler to determine if a ring can be resized and the best method for doing so.

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